10 Best RV Resorts To Visit This Year

The digital nomad trend—named for people who can work anywhere and so move around at will—has grown significantly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and people with remote jobs are taking advantage of their new lifestyle by settling into smaller digs. Including, yes, RVs. Kampgrounds of America’s 2022 North American Camping Report found that in 2021, 11 million RV owners took their vehicles camping (an all-time high) and two million people rented RVs for the first time.

Not only are people turning to RV-ing for the flexibility it provides, but also for the potential stress-reducing effects of living a smaller, yet fuller life. “Communing with nature can relax tired minds and souls, and many people have been craving that, especially since the pandemic began,” says Chris Coleman, owner of RV Talk. Indeed, research has found that being in nature decreases anxiety and depression and can even aid in positive social interactions.

“Communing with nature can relax tired minds and souls, and many people have been craving that, especially since the pandemic began.” —Chris Coleman, owner of RV Talk

That being said, moving your whole life into a small trailer isn’t for everyone. There are some unconventional factors that take some time getting used to—namely, small-space living. I currently live in my Airstream Bambi, which clocks in at around 170 square feet, and I share that space with my partner and small pup. It gets a little crowded at times, but as part of RV living, I do spend a lot of time outside in nature even when I’m working. The freedom this lifestyle provides, as well as the ability to see the most beautiful parts of the country, has lowered my stress levels and made me realign my life goals around prioritizing my mental health.

If you’re intrigued by the RV lifestyle but haven’t camped for any lengthy amount of time, jumping right into it could prove a risky investment. Yes, you should research makes and models, and visit local showrooms to get a feel for the physical space. But I also highly recommend booking a stay at an RV resort or trailer hotel to test the waters. Cook your meals, work, and live in the trailer as you would at home to get a taste of what the lifestyle would be like full-time.

Sure, some of these RV resorts might be a little bit more glamorous than the typical van experience (sadly, not all RV camping locations have nice pools or a drive-in theater). But, a short-term stay can still help you decide if you want to embrace van life full-time before you commit. And if you decide that you don’t? You’ll have started on an entirely unique vacation.

Here are the 10 best RV resorts and hotels around the country

1. AutoCamp (multiple locations in CA, MA, and NY)

With properties all over the country—including Yosemite, Cape Cod, and Joshua Tree—AutoCamp is a great way to experience the coveted Airstream life in a completely natural setting. These beautifully renovated trailers feature a spa inspired bathroom, a posh patio, and a kitchen with all the necessities. While the design deviates from what you will get from the factory, these 31-foot Airstreams are dropped right in the middle of picturesque landscapes giving guests the secluded feeling RVers experience daily. Plus, the company plans to add even more properties in 2023, so you can check places like Zion National Park and Asheville off of your bucket list.

2. Backstage at The Verb (Boston, MA)

Finding an RV park in a larger city is unlikely, so experiencing a trailer hotel in the heart of a historic metropolis is a true treat. Opening this September, Backstage at The Verb in Boston is an extension of The Verb Hotel composed of a fleet of vintage trailers right on Fenway Park. While you won’t experience the glory of being immersed in nature, the unique accommodations will provide a little insight into small space living.

3. Yonder Escalante (Escalante, UT)

Located right in the middle of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, Yonder is probably the most lavish place to experience RV life. Personally, this is my very favorite place to stay in my Airstream. For guests who aren’t towing their home, book one of the property’s newly renovated vintage Airstreams for a few days. These cleverly designed trailers do not have an ensuite bathroom like most RVs do; however, the property’s bathhouses are so luxurious you won’t even miss it. Expect amenities like beautiful outdoor showers, Dyson hair tools, a pool and hot tub, and a drive-in theater. The skies out there are breathtaking, so be sure to set up outside to watch the sunset.

4. Flying Flags Buellton (Buellton, CA)

Tucked into the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country, Flying Flags Buellton is conveniently off of California’s Highway 101 and will give guests a peek into what it’s like to live on a campground for a few days. This is a great place to experience trailers from 22- to 28 feet, which are on the smaller side. While these adorable vintage trailers are renovated, the layout is very similar to what you’ll find in a typical RV. Plus, each accommodation comes with a private yard, patio, and grill so you’ll have plenty of outdoor space.

5. Hotel Luna Mystica (Taos, NM)

High desert locales are some of my favorite places to camp in the country when it isn’t 100+ degrees out. Hotel Luna Mystica blends the spiritual influence of the desert into each of their individually designed vintage trailer accommodations. New Mexico is known for its wide open skies and mesmerizing stargazing, so make sure to put your deck to good use at nightfall and get lost in the solitude of the twinkling night sky. You’re also just a short drive from Taos (the town center and the skiing area).

6. JuneBug Retro Resort (Weaverville, NC)

Asheville is an amazing place to camp because you get the best of the city life and mountain country views. JuneBug Retro Resort is designed to feel like you’ve stepped back in time with each of their vintage trailers reflective of what they would look like when they were created. The 50-acre property gives guests ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with downtown Asheville just a short drive away. If RV renovation is something you are interested in, definitely give JuneBug a visit to get a feel for what it’s like to live in an older model trailer.

7. Kate’s Lazy Desert (Landing, CA)

B-52’s guitarist Kate Pierson is no stranger to RV living after touring on the road for years. She decided to create a little slice of paradise out in the form of Kate’s Lazy Desert in the Mojave Desert. The intimate property features six retired Airstreams available to rent just a few miles from Joshua Tree National Park. Each RV has a personality of its own and features beautiful painted murals. Aside from the bespoke artwork, these trailers are reflective of the layouts you would expect to get from a current Airstream. With sizes ranging from 19 to 30 feet, this is a great way to get an authentic feel for how you can live in the space. Doesn’t hurt that you’re super close to all of the hiking and adventuring Joshua Tree has to offer, too!

8. Marfa Yacht Club (Marfa, TX)

Airstream life has a subculture of its own and you don’t really understand the community until you dive in yourself. At Marfa Yacht Club, you can rent an actual Airstream just as it comes when you purchase it. The property is just four minutes outside of the small arty town of Marfa with sprawling views of the Chianti and Davis Mountains, and includes a heated pool, a bocce court, and a clubhouse. When you decide that you want an Airstream of your own, the property also has spaces for guests who prefer to BYO Airstream.

9. The Vintages Trailer Resort (Dayton, OR)

Just a short drive inland from Oregon’s stunning coastline are the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley. The Vintages Trailer Resort, situated smack-dab in the middle of this beautiful area, has all the amenities of a brick and mortar hotel with the seclusion of glamping. Each vintage trailer comes with bikes, an outdoor grill, and a firepit for late night s’mores. Most of these RVs are renovated, but they still retain a layout similar to what you will find from a current model.

10. Waypoint Ventura (Ventura, CA)

What’s better than waking up in an oceanfront hotel? Actually waking up we the beach in your own rig. Waypoint Ventura is a California glamping collective located so close to Ventura Beach that you can taste the salty air. The property has a variety of vintage trailers that will give you a glimpse into what it would be like to live that beach bum life—with blissfully close proximity to the excellent coffee shops, restaurants, and antique shops of Ventura’s downtown.

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