33 Unique & Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels

Traveling is all about making memories, and often, we don’t want to rely solely on our brains to remind us!

Collecting memories is a great way to help that memory live on even after you have returned home. Or, for us RVers, after you’ve moved on to the next great adventure!

The great news is that memories don’t have to be junky. In fact, there are wondrous things to collect that don’t take up extra room in your house or your RV. They can even be quite useful!

I know displaying some of these popular souvenirs can be a challenge. So, I’m going to share both what people collect and some helpful ways to display them in your RV!

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What RVers Collect on the Road

Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels

One of our RV Lifestyle members recently asked our Facebook group about their travel collections.

Ania wrote the following post:

“Every camping trip, I collect magnets and Christmas ornaments. My husband collects stickers. What do you guys collect?”

Many of our members responded to her question (over 200 comments!). It turns out that they collect some interesting items!

The following outlines the benefits of collecting memorabilia while you travel. It also covers the various items that our members collect, as well as some other items you might consider picking up on your next trip.

Are There Benefits to Collecting Momentos?

Collecting mementos can sometimes get a bad reputation. Mainly because if you collect lots of random things they often get placed on a shelf and start collecting dust, feeling like a weight more than a joyful memory.

But if you enjoy collecting souvenirs, you can find various items that will not become useless junk. In fact, they can be the opposite of junk because of the benefits they offer you.

Benefits of Collecting Moments:

  • Brings back a positive memory which can reduce stress
  • Reminds you of fun memories to share with friends and family
  • Serve as great icebreakers for making friends at a campground
  • Collecting items can prompt organizational thinking
  • They can inspire your creative side

If you’re thinking about collecting travel items but don’t know what to collect, keep reading to find out what our RV Lifestyle members collect. Or, if you already collect something specific, see if your item made the cut of popular souvenirs!

Popular Souvenirs RVers Collect on the Road

Many of our RV Lifestyle members collect different items when they travel. Some are popular souvenirs, while others create a unique collection.

Now, I know we can barely fit the things we need in an RV, let alone fun little trinkets. So, I’m going to tell you all about these collector items and share how you can display them in an RV.


Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels

Many of our members enjoy collecting magnets. Not only are magnets useful, but they are like miniature art pieces. Every time you visit the fridge, you can take a walk down memory lane.

They can also hold pictures or important paperwork, which comes in handy.

Rv Lifestyle member Bruce said that his wife has “⅔ of the fridge covered in magnets…I guess I’m going to have to put a magnetic board up soon for the overflow.”

Many members like to place travel magnets on their RV fridge, which makes a lot of sense. They will not take up space in your regular home (unless, of course, your RV is your regular home). They also help conjure up memories wheel you are traveling to a new destination.

But, if your fridge is already full of magnets (like Bruce), you can use his solution and get a magnetic board. You can hang a small magnetic board on your RV wall or even mount a magnetic chalkboard to a door. Then you can stick magnets on it and make fun little notes and designs. (Great for kids!)

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33 Unique & Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels 1
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Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels
Koozy from The Flipping Nomad

Raisa said that her husband collects koozies.

A koozie is an insulated drink holder. They keep cans of soda or an alcoholic beverage colder for longer.

This is a great idea for a collectible because it is useful. I mean, who doesn’t want a cold beverage to stay cold?

Another great thing about koozies is that they can be kept out of the way, tucked inside of a drawer. They will not take up precious shelf space or collect dust. You can even store them in these small plastic organizers that you can keep on a shelf.


33 Unique & Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels 2

Another member named Tina said that she collects postcards.

These are a great option because they are very inexpensive, and you can find them in every state and almost every attraction.

Many people like to collect postcards and paste them into a scrapbook or travel journal. Then they flip through to look at all of the places they have been.

You can also jot down some of your memories from each trip and mail them to yourself back home. It is a fun way to remember your travels when you get home and a creative way to journal if you keep the postcards and read them later.

Christmas Ornaments

Another popular collectible is Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments are great because they get stored for most of the year. Then when you bring them out to decorate your tree, you can remember all of the fabulous trips you’ve taken.

It is great that they do not get dusty or take up year-round space in your RV or home. This canvas ornament box is great, and would actually be useful for storing all kinds of stuff in an RV.

Natural Items

33 Unique & Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels 3

Another RV Lifestyle member, Kimberly, said that she collects “Rocks or things I find native to the area like pine cones, buckeyes, and seashells. I like to scavenger.”

What a great idea! Most of us RVers like what we see in the natural world. You can collect those items and make them part of your decor. Just think of the unique collectibles that you can have from different parts of the country!

Do keep in mind that many places do not allow you to remove natural items. Remember to check with local, state, and federal guidelines about what you are allowed or not allowed to take with you.

Be mindful that you don’t want to take native bugs home with you! You don’t want to have a palmetto bug infestation on your hands.

If you cannot take an item that you see in nature, many gift shops have similar items for sale.

You can make art pieces out of the natural items by gluing them in a shadow box.

Other Ideas of Items to Collect

Many of our members had additional ideas for unique items to collect! Check out this list of other interesting and popular souvenirs you might not have thought of picking up:

  • Patches
  • coffee mugs
  • Teapots
  • hat pins
  • decals
  • bottle opener
  • walking stick medallions
  • Pictures
  • Cookbooks (from different areas)
  • shot glasses
  • regular glasses
  • Tea balls
  • Small handmade bags
  • key chains
  • Clothing items: Hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts
  • Jewelry charms
  • Unique food and drinks (wine, beer, or bourbon)
  • Pressed pennies
  • Campground maps
  • Spoons
  • pines
  • Lanterns
  • Home items (like towels or spoon rests)
  • Yarn (different types)
  • coasters
  • bells
  • Fingernail files
  • Local-themed books

Do You Collect Popular Souvenirs or Unique?

Popular souvenirs are popular for a reason, but I’m always interested in seeing what unique momentos people collect while RVing and camping. Please share what you like to collect in the comments below or join our RV Lifestyle Facebook group to talk about all things RV!

33 Unique & Popular Souvenirs From RV Travels 4

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