7 Hybrids to Save You the Most Money on Gas

In 2022, gas prices are higher than ever before. As a result, many car buyers are looking for solutions with hybrid, electric, or even plug-in hybrid vehicles. However, not every hybrid is going to be worth the savings. Some hybrid versions of vehicles are far more expensive and don’t help with fuel economy as much as you’d expect. Consumer Reports compiled the seven hybrids that will save you the most money on gas. These hybrid models pay for themselves much faster than others.

Consumer Reports’ method for finding the money-saving hybrids

Consumer Reports calculated the payoff time of owning each hybrid by using $5 per gallon of gas. Then, it compared the gas price to the vehicle’s sticker price for the hybrid version and the most comparable non-hybrid variant. As CR stated, there’s also a chance dealer markups on vehicles skew the numbers. Every model in this list also received the Green Choice designation from CR, highlighting cars with the cleanest emissions.