America might be better place if more people traveled by bus

gov.  Carl Sanders speaks at the Trailways terminal dedication ceremony March 18, 1964, in Augusta, Georgia.

“If you want reality, take the bus.”

– David Lachapelle

Some summer visitors at my house were complaining about their most recent air travel complications. Apparently Delta is no longer ready when you are. There are a variety of reasons, many difficult to control, but I often try to quieten my wayfaring whiners, by asking, “Why don’t you just take the bus?”

They look at me (the young ones at least) like I just suggested hitching up a Conestoga Wagon, and maybe I have.

I haven’t taken a bus trip in decades, probably since college, when I went to visit friends over the Christmas break and rode all day across four states to get there. I wasn’t in a hurry and it was so much cheaper.