Carroll Shelby Would Be Proud Of This New AC Cobra Concept

Rostislav Prokop gives an update to the AC Shelby Cobra that retains what made the original great with an added modern flair.

When it comes to automotive enthusiasts, many harken back to the good ol’ days of purebred sports cars with two seats and an open-top. One of the most legendary cars in this regard is the 1962 AC Shelby Cobra with chassis designation CSX2000.

Instagram designer @rostislav_prokop might not have time traveled, but he did bring back the classic Shelby Cobra with modern flair. This true sports car machine is a testament to the passion and ingenuity of famous race car driver Carroll Shelby, Ford Motor Company, and Britain’s AC Cars.

In this HotCars exclusive, past, present, and future collide into an amazing 3D-rendered clip that captures the boldness and spirit of the AC Shelby Cobra.

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The Rostislav Prokop 3D Rendered AC Shelby Cobra Concept For 2022

Low rumbling from the Cobra’s motor fills the atmosphere. The original 427 big block engines from Ford are some of the most important and revered motors of all time. But this new adaptation would require a new engine like the 2022 Mustang Cobra’s 5.2L Supercharged Cross Plane Crank V8. This new chassis can handle it.

While motioning 360 degrees, the original distinct styling of the 1962 AC Shelby Cobra permeates throughout this modern-day render. The updated contour retraces the original model’s curves while adding a wider body and lower stance.

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The chosen paint appears to be the darkest blue that’s just shy of being black. This stealthy addition allows the distinct twin white stripes to pop. Another appreciated detail is how the enlarged wheels keep the original spoke designs from the standard 15” wheels. Rather than popping out straight-forward, the headlights swoop back for added aerodynamic benefits.

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A Modern AC Shelby Roadster Is A Racer’s Dream Car

This render would make a welcome production car since there’s no two-seat convertible when it comes to the 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Enthusiasts would be able to customize and mod this platform with unlimited personal expression. Because of this modern update, they wouldn’t have to chase down a rare and expensive classic car made decades ago.

Nothing is ever perfect, however. It would be nice to see the original’s aggressive exhaust piping housed in the render’s side skirts. Also, adding a roll bar over the seats would improve safety and pay homage to the original AC Cobra’s single driver-side roll bar hoop.

From every angle, this render succeeds at recreating the original AC Shelby Cobra and takes it into a new era of sports cars.