Do a summer staycation with Perseid meteors night biking and paddling

Dr. TK Lawless County Park in Vandalia, which has international dark sky status, will open for a concert and Perseid meteor watching this week.

Perseid meteor showers, a new paddling group, night biking and Dutch oven cuisine all play into the deeper dive we take this week into soaking up summer.

In some of these tidbits, you’ll find morsels of curious information that may be useful throughout the year.

Concert, Perseid Meteors

Dr. TK Lawless County Park, at 15122 Monkey Run St., Vandalia, will host a concert as it also opens late Aug. 11-12 for viewing of the height of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Overnight camping will be allowed.

You won’t be able to see as many meteors as in last year’s Perseid shower because, unlike last year’s crescent moon, there’ll be a full moon filling the sky with extra light.

“The full moon will put a damper on the Perseids but should not completely wipe it out,” says Robert Parrish, a star-watching aficionado who gained the park’s official status as an international dark sky park and who leads the monthly stargazing nights. “It depends on how active the meteor shower will be.”