Ford Maverick + GFC = The Most Affordable New Truck Camper Combo

Pairing a Ford Maverick pickup with a custom-fit GoFastCampers platform lets you get outdoors and into comfort for less money than a base-model Ford F-150.

Pickup truck camping just got more affordable. GoFastCampers has launched a Platform Camper sized specifically for the Ford Maverick compact pickup. It can get you outdoors in comfort and with loads of utility for less than $29,000 — truck included.

GoFastCampers calls it the most affordable new truck camper combo available today, and we definitely can’t find anything that comes close. It’s the first pop-top pickup camper on the market for the Ford Maverick, built with the little truck’s box and payload in mind.

Maverick Camper

GoFastCampers Ford Maverick Platform Camper

The Ford Maverick pickup is the cheapest new truck on the market. The XL-trim truck with 2.5L hybrid drive starts from just $20,995. For that low price, you get a pickup with a bed measuring 54.4 inches long and 53.3 inches wide. The little pickup has a payload capacity of 1,500 pounds, which puts it on par with full-size trucks and makes it more than capable of handling a topper-style camper.

But GoFastCampers isn’t taking up all of that payload weight. The Maverick Platform Camper rings in at just 255 pounds. So you’ve got plenty of payload capacity left for passengers, and to store the rest of your camping gear and supplies in the truck’s bed.

It will also leave you with plenty of payload to hook up a trailer and use some of the Maverick’s 2,000-pound tow rating for hybrids and up to 4,000 pounds for the 2.0L gas engine.

Built smaller than GFC’s standard campers to attach to the Maverick, this camper gives you a 50 x 90-inch sleep surface that has a two-layer foam mattress. That’s wider than an in-home full-size mattress and around 15 inches longer. The extra length is appreciated because of the wedge shape — as you need room for your feet.

Haul All Your Gear With Ease, Securely

GoFastCampers Ford Maverick Platform Camper

The camper doubles as a truck topper, an accessory that’s also tough to find for the new and compact Maverick. Mounted to the bed rails, the aluminum space frame evenly distributes the load of the tent/topper combo.

The aluminum side panels are hinged at the top for easy opening. The panels lock, too, so you can be sure that your camping gear is securely stored when you’re not near the truck.

It’s made strong, with billet aluminum hardware, hinges, and latches. So, it will stay in place even when you’re taking your Maverick off road. The camper itself can hold up to 500 pounds on the top when it’s closed.

For the camper’s roof, GFC used a translucent honeycomb composite. It reflects the sun while giving you diffuse light inside and providing insulation.

You can open the roof for a 7.5-foot-tall living area. While it’s open, the roof can still hold 75 pounds, meaning accessories like bikes, boardsor even kayaks can stay in place.

GoFastCampers lets you climb into the sleeping area through the truck’s bed — the floor is modular and removable — or through an external mount ladder. The ladder option is perfect if you’ve got a bed full of cargo, or if you’re letting your shorter friends or kids sleep on a pad in the truck bed.

Fuel-Efficient Adventuring

GoFastCampers Ford Maverick Platform Camper

The Maverick Platform Camper starts from $7,700, with delivery from the company’s Montana factory in as little as 8 weeks. You can even get it installed on-site and start off on your trip from GFC’s home base.

That price puts the point of entry into a Maverick with the camper as low as $28,695. That’s a base-spec truck, but most trims of the Maverick are well under the average new vehicle price today.

With the hybrid, this might also be the most fuel-efficient way to camp in comfort while still being able to bring along your outdoor gear. Adding just 6.5 inches to the height of a Maverick, the aerodynamic impact should be minimal.

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