Get Ready to Stand in Line For This Absurd New Supreme Airstream Camper Drop

Whether it’s a result of the pandemic or just the next level of societal evolution, we have moved into a level of hyper luxury goods that feels just a touch silly considering the state of things. The mantra of our time seems to be: “Never mind the doom; let’s throw some branding on it.” Here, the ever-classy Airstream has teamed up with the opposite of that, the branding juggernaut, Supreme. Strap in, folks; this is a weird one. Meet the Supreme Airstream.

Supreme Airstream camper
Supreme Airstream camping | Airstream

Is the Airstream x Supreme collaboration available?

In stereotypical Supreme fashion, the new Airstream Bambi dressed in Supreme logos has already sold out of its 100 build slots. This instant sell-out isn’t just a hip streetwear trend anymore; this is the typical nature of the world we live in these days.