How to Avoid Dealership Markups and Other New Car Shopping Ripoffs

Right now, new car shopping can be a stressful experience. Coupled with the fact that new car prices are higher than ever, you might not get a car at the price you want. What ways to avoid dealership markups and still walk away with a vehicle you want?

Watch out for dealership markups and added fees

New cars on a lot are impacted by dealership markups
New cars are prepared for distribution at a Ford factory | Carl Court/Getty Images

Depending on what kind of car, truck, or sport utility vehicle you might be interested in, there could be some sort of dealership markup. This additional fee is located on the window sticker or online listing. If the vehicle that you want has this markup, you might want to find a less popular model. The Kia Telluride SUV and Ford Maverick truck have been victims of this pricing switch lately.