Is artificial intelligence the way to stop people texti…

In Australia, a new camera system could be the solution to the problem of people using their mobile phone while driving.

Using the mobile phone while driving is surely one of the most dangerous driving offences. In the era of individualism and the ‘attention economy’, it only makes more sense that a problem such as this one persists.

People are addicted to their phones. The writer of this article is addicted to his phone. He knows it, but that doesn’t change anything. He continues to reach for it in a mid-race advert break, or during a lull in a practice session, or when a race is red flagged, et cetera, et cetera. He doesn’t reach for it when driving, but he also doesn’t have a license, so that’s sort of a null point.

But, those who do reach for it when driving are consciously putting other people in danger: pedestrians, other drivers, people on motorcycles, et cetera, et cetera.

But, perhaps there are now ways to prevent it.

First, a proactive solution that was also reported on by Le Repaire des Motards, and courtesy of Ayush Pai on YouTube.

Their solution is to create a robot which holds a wooden rod, and when the robot detects the driver picking up their phone it knocks the phone out of their hand.

It is a relatively simple solution, at least for people who know what they’re doing. A more aesthetically pleasing version might be fitted to production models, but even with a major manufacturer behind its engineering it is a device that would be able to be evaded by the driver, theoretically.