July 29, 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR Trucks return to the Indianapolis Raceway Park for the first time in a decade

Tonight, the NASCAR Truck Series unloads in Indianapolis, Indiana. The short track of Indianapolis Raceway Park is set to host their first truck race since 2011. It’s the playoff opener for the series.

View Indianapolis race results for the NASCAR Truck Series below.

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John Hunter Nemechek and Chandler Smith line up on the front row and lead them to the start. 200 laps of truck racing are up next…

Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 60 (1-60/200)

Green flag, Nemechek drives it deep to the inside, he slides up the track and clear. Nemechek leads Smith off turn two.

Lap 10, Josh Reaume and Spencer Boyd tangle into turn one, caution. Boyd is on fire and he climbs from his machine.

Green, Nemechek is clear before turn one. Hocevar cuts to the edge of the apron in an attempt to slide Smith for 2nd.

Lap 30, Josh Reaume is around for the second time, caution.

10 to go in stage one, Nemechek leads Chandler Smith by 1.5 seconds.

John Hunter Nemechek wins stage one at IRP!

Indianapolis Raceway Park Results (Stage 1): 1. John Hunter Nemechek; 2. Chandler Smith; 3. Carson Hocevar; 4. Stewart Friesen; 5. Grant Enfinger; 6. Ben Rhodes; 7. Corey Heim; 8. Ty Majeski; 9. Zane Smith; 10. Christian Eckes;

Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 60 (61-120/200)

Nemechek leads the field to the pit lane. Slow stop for Nemechek, Chandler Smith wins the race to the pit exit.

Pit Penalty: Ben Rhodes will drop to the rear for speeding on the pit lane.

Green flag on stage two, Hocevar drives it deep to the bottom. He nearly clips the infield grass then slide up the track and clears Smith! Hocevar to the lead.

Lap 73, truck stopped in turn one, caution.

Lap 84, Enfinger runs side by side with Chandler Smith for 2nd. Nemechek gets into the back of Smith. As Smith wiggles, Enfinger takes 2nd away.

Lap 87, Enfinger looks inside of Hocevar for the lead!

Lap 105, Enfinger and Hocevar remain side by side for the lead. Enfinger finally has a nose off turn two. He drives it deep into turn three, pinches Hocevar and Enfinger leads off turn four.

Lap 107, Nemechek clips the grass and tangles with the lap truck of Kris Wright. Nemechek spins and the caution is out.

Enfinger and most of the leaders head for the pit lane. Majeski is off 2nd with five positions gained on the pit lane. Four trucks stay out including Chandler Smith.

Green, Chandler Smith leads Ben Rhodes off turn two. Majeski and Enfinger slice through the field as Hocevar throws sparks off the outside wall.

Lap 117, Majeski drives inside of Chandler Smith into turn one. He clears him with ease to take the lead with fresh tires.

Ty Majeski wins stage two at Indianapolis Raceway Park!

Indianapolis Raceway Park Results (Stage 2): 1. Ty Majeski; 2. Grant Enfinger; 3. Ben Rhodes; 4. Carson Hocevar; 5. Zane Smith; 6. Corey Heim; 7. Stewart Friesen; 8. Chandler Smith; 9. Tyler Ankrum; 10. Colby Howard;

Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 80 (121-200/200)

Green flag on stage three, Majeski clears Enfinger off turn two.

62 to go, caution for debris.

Green, Majeski clears Enfinger off turn two to hold the lead.

52 to go, they run four wide off turn two and run out of room in a hurry. Zane Smith turns Lawless Alan into the inside wall, caution.

Majeski barely clears Enfinger off turn two as Nemechek looked at the outside of Enfinger for 2nd. Majeski shuts the door again off turn four to hold the lead.

27 to

27 to go, Majeski leads Enfinger by 1.7 seconds. Taylor Gray has climbed to 10th. He was one of the few to pit for new tires on the last caution.

13 to go, Majeski struggles with lap traffic. Enfinger has closed to his bumper.

Enfinger dives into the inside! He slides him into turn one, clear. Enfinger to the lead!

10 to go, Colby Howard gets into Carson Hocevar off turn four as they battle for 8th. Hocevar turns into his right rear down the straight away and Howard slams the outside wall.

Enfinger pits from the lead! Nemechek stays out! Slow stop for Enfinger as Majeski wins the race to the pit exit. 10 trucks stay out. Majeski restarts 11th.

Green with 3 to go, Taylor Gray slides Nemechek for the lead into turn one. Enfinger is slicing through the field with fresh tires. Nemechek tags Gray’s left rear in turn three and spins him out, caution.

Green on NASCAR Overtime, Smith doors Nemechek into turn one and shoves him into the wall. Nemechek takes overe 2nd with fresh tires.

1 to go, Enfinger clears Smith into turn one!

Grant Enfinger wins at Indianapolis Raceway Park!

Indianapolis Raceway Park
Race Results
July 29, 2022
NASCAR Truck Series

Pos | Driver

1. Grant Enfinger
2. Ben Rhodes
3. Zane Smith
4. Stewart Friesen
5. Corey Heim
6. Tyler Ankrum
7. Layne Riggs
8. Ty Majeski
9. Matt Crafton
10. John Hunter Nemechek
11. Matt DiBenedetto
12. Johnny Sauter
13. Hailie Deegan
14. Derek Kraus
15. Jesse Little
16. Christian Eckes
17. Timmy Hill
18. Chandler Smith
19. Austin Wayne Self
20. Kaz Grala
21. Carson Hocevar
22. Taylor Gray
23. Tanner Gray
24. Chris Hacker
25. Jack Wood
26. Blaine Perkins
27. Chase Purdy
28. Jake Garcia
29. Dean Thompson
30. Chad Chastain
31. Kris Wright
32. Colby Howard
33. Josh Reaume
34. Lawless Alan
35. Blake Lothian
36. Spencer Boyd

NASCAR Truck Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Grant Enfinger
1 Win

2. Zane Smith

3. Ben Rhodes

4. Stewart Friesen

5. John Hunter Nemechek

6. Chandler Smith

7. Ty Majeski

8. Carson Hocevar

— Round of 8 Cutline —

9. Matt Crafton

10. Christian Eckes

Indianapolis Raceway Park
Video Highlights
July 29, 2022



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