“Let me tell you! This is the best service I have ever received…” | ARLnow

I was going to write an article about CarCare To Go, a new local car repair service bringing trust, transparency and convenience to an industry not known for these traits. Among other things, they provide free valet pick-up and return from home, 12-month/12k mile warranty on all work, and $20.22 oil changes for new clients. But then I realized that much better than me writing would be to hear a review from an actual client recently posted on Google.

I recently was searching online for a car repair shop as I needed an oil change, and my car was making a weird noise that I could not identify.

Every place I had come across, of course their next available appointment was during the time I would be at work. Working hours and these places operating hours are always the same and I could not drop off before I went to work.

I came across CarCare To Go and noticed they offer a pickup service. I booked their next available appointment for pickup. Received my confirmation email immediately, as well as an email a day prior confirmation. The night before I start to freak out thinking it’s a scam. I got online and started reading every review and did a google search for CarCare to go scam. Nothing, so I went on faith.

LET ME TELL YOU! This is the best service I have EVER received. My pick up was 10:30-11, around 9:45 I got a text with a link allowing me [to] track as they were on their way.

I met the young lady outside; she takes pictures of my car and reviewed my service request and also made a note of my oil preference for the oil change. BEFORE I got back in the house, another text with another link allowing me to track her as she took my car to be serviced.

WITHIN seconds of her arriving at the repair shop, I get a text from ROXY (who is the bomb) letting me know my car had arrived and she would be my point of contact. She understood I was at work and agreed to text me throughout the day to keep me updated.

She texted me when the technician started working on my car. She texted me when the oil change was completed as well as a link to a full diagnostic of other “suggested” repairs needed (and no, she did not pressure me into making any decision on agreeing to the suggested repairs). The link to the full diagnostic included the cost of each repair, photos showing me the repair needed and the option to opt in or out of the additional repair.

The awkward noise was the back brakes and rotors which I agreed to be serviced. The part was not in, and she had to order it (this is now the end of the day about 4 pm) and she says, “I can have it here early tomorrow morning.” Without hesitation, the next morning I get a morning text from Roxy stating the repair was in and my car was being serviced. Once complete I got a link to an invoice to pay and BOOM another link to a text so that I could track them returning my car to me. They picked me up at my home and dropped off the next day at my job. I did not expect to see they also washed my car and vacuumed the inside. — Andre W

You can see loads more 5-star reviews on their site. You’ll wonder why you ever took care of your car any other way.