Like A Fine Wine, This 350,000-Mile 1966 Ford Mustang Gets Better With Age

Even with over a 1/4 million miles on the clock, this 1966 Ford Mustang fastback still puts a smile on the Hagerty appraiser’s face.

Some people may judge cars according to their looks. For instance, some car buyers may want to purchase only restored cars with glowing exteriors and squeaky clean interiors. But there is always more than meets the eye and classic cars are no exception.

This Ford Mustang is a true classic from the 1966 model year. It may not look as pristine as a show car, but anyone can tell it’s valuable. Even Colin Comer of Hagerty Media can’t help himself from doing an instant appraisal.

A Mustang Driven For More Than 350,000 Miles

According to Colin, he chanced upon this pony car on the street in Southern California. The 1966 Mustang is in a “rough and tumble” condition, which is really what made the car so appealing. This classic 1966 Mustang belongs to Ethan, who brings along a pet dog named Winston. As per the owner, the Mustang was the first car that he built along with his father when he was still 16 years old.

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Ethan has already added around 350,000 miles on the odometer. He has been using the car for around 25 years and it seems like he has been daily driving it with that mind accrued miles. Ethan has also been tinkering with his 1966 Ford Mustang fastback as much as he can to his taste and preferences. In fact, the car has a 1965 Mustang grille on it.

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback Built To Deliver 550 HP

As Colin noticed, the sound of the Mustang’s engine isn’t stock. Ethan revealed that he actually replaced the car’s original six-cylinder motor with a 347-ci engine that is making a little over 550 hp. He added that he installed a six-speed transmission on his Mustang when he was still 22 years old.

Moreover, the car comes with a big aluminum radiator, some catch cans for the track, red shocks, an upgraded ignition system, a high output alternator with simple mechanical cooling, as well as an MSD box.

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Inside, the car has several features that are missing or lacking. It has no window regulator and door glasses. It comes with a dynamat carpet and a roll bar, which extends to the rear of the frame rails. Ethan has also relocated the battery to the trunk.

Ethan wouldn’t sell his Mustang for anything under $80,000. While Colin said no one would buy this car for such an amount, this Mustang does transcend its actual condition. Ethan built it for a purpose and that purpose is for himself.

Source: Hagerty on YouTube