Maserati offers 10-year driveline warranty

MASERATI has announced a 10-year extended warranty program that will cover the engine and transmission and is available to owners worldwide, including in Australia.

The Extra10 Warranty Program, which builds on Maserati’s existing programs that, for a few thousand dollars, stretch the three-year factory warranty to four or five years, comes with roadside assistance, no mileage restrictions and continues to cover the vehicle if it’s sold.

It covers all Maserati models until they hit 10 years of age and is also available to extend the warranty of existing Trident cars that are still less than nine years and six months.

There are a few boxes to tick for older cars to receive the warranty extension. Cars come to have been raced, modified, involved in a major accident or stolen won’t be covered, so owners are encouraged to check with their Maserati dealer if they qualify for the scheme and learn what to do to activate the service.

The dealer will also explain additional services aligned with the program, including a pick-up and return service to your home and a courtesy car.

Maserati says the new service enables is “aimed at consolidating the value of its cars over time, guaranteeing total peace of mind by combining top performance and the driving pleasure typical of every Trident car”.

It is yet to reveal how much the Extra10 Warranty Program will cost.

At the moment, if you want to extend your warranty from three to four years, it will cost you either $3,228 or $3,650, depending on which model you own. The annual cost reduces if you extend it for two years, to $4,980 or $5,613, which means you’ll have to shell out several thousand dollars to stretch your peace of mind for a decade.

That said, anyone who has needed parts or major work done to their Maserati will probably consider this good value.

Which makes this a smart move by the suits at Modena.

The Trident badge has lost its luster in recent years thanks to its focus on SUVs that look and sound great but were let down by shared internal fittings that came from the same parts bin as considerably cheaper Stellantis models such as the Fiat 500C and Chrysler 300.

So far, the option of extending Maserati warranties to four and five years seems to have had a positive impact on Australian sales, which have experienced steady growth since during the past few years, including 467 in 2020 and 560 in 2021.

This year is looking good too, with 351 units sold by the end of July, led by the Levante luxury SUV (259) and the Ghibli sports sedan (70), with the stunning MC20 sports coupe scheduled to arrive Down Under in November.

So, it stands to reason that providing additional peace of mind should help Maserati win over more new customers from other luxury brands as it rolls out new models such as the MC20 and the Porsche Macan-rivalling Grecale that’s expected to arrive around January 2023, followed by an all-electric version later in the year.