Monroe County golf programs lack middle school preparation

Bloomington North coach Brian Muehlhaus talks with South golfers Emma Fisher (left) and Cherise Otter and North's Lauren Lewis before they started their match in 2015 at the Bloomington Country Club

When high school girls’ golf season arrives each August, Brian Muehlhaus and Garry Lee begin to feel like they are coaching with persimmon golf clubs in a graphite and titanium world.

Every season is guaranteed to bring a spate of players who are almost totally new to the game.

This year, several members of Muehlhaus’ Bloomington North team had never played a round of competitive golf. Lee has his fair share as well on his Edgewood roster and even South’s Jim Southern and Dustin Carver, who have an unofficial junior program they started a couple years ago, still see raw golfers as well.

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Few other high school coaches in Monroe County have to deal with so much of each team starting from scratch.