Ola S1 Pro riders use diesel generators to charge electric scooters, leaving netizens divided

Ola S1 Pro electric scooter

Ola S1 Pro electric scooters use diesel generators for charging in Ladakh.

Ola Electric is arguably one of the most promising electric vehicle brands in the country. The company not only recently revealed plans of launching its first electric car in India by 2024, but it also rolled out a new Ola S1 (base) scooter, as well as a Khaki green color scheme for its battery-powered offering. The EV maker completed one year of operations in the country earlier this month and made these special announcements in order to commemorate its first anniversary. Ola S1 Pro electric scooter has been riding the higher waves in the electric segment, thanks to the bolstering demand for EVs in India.
Meanwhile, Ola Electric found itself among several controversies in its initial year, including the quality of its electric scooters, EV fires and more. In a recent video uploaded by a digital content creator – Pradeep M (@Pradeeponwheels), a bunch of Ola S1 Pro riders were seen charging their electric scooters using a diesel generator. He also took to Twitter about the incident which created a sensation among the netizens.
The user Tweeted, “Charging the EV will Diesel generators and saying big taglines like #endiceage . Marketing is good but please don’t fool people with that. @OlaElectric Ladakh ride Reality check. Create charging infrastructure before doing all these stunts. It will help you guys in long Run.”
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The tweet has since then become a battleground for people who have come forward in support of the content creator, while some have objected the facts presented in the video. A user wrote, “What’s wrong with what he’s saying? He has absolutely nothing against EVs. His channel has a lot of good things about EVs. He’s all for EV adoption. He has an Ather too.”

On the other hand, another user targeted Pradeep M by replying to his tweet saying, “We need electric vehicles for changing climate & fuel price. Please change ur attitude bro.”

Needless to add, remote areas such as Ladakh don’t have the necessary charging infrastructure thus, the Ola Electric riders can be seen resorting to diesel generators in the video. While main Indian cities are slowly picking up in terms of EV charging infra, remote locations and villages still remain untouched with common facilities including electricity. However, with the pace at which electric vehicles are progressing, it won’t be a surprise if Ladakh gets its own array of dedicated charging stations in the next few years.