Old Vs New Sees A Classic Ford Mustang Vs Hemi-Powered Dodge Charger

In a series of drag races, a number of classic muscle cars go head-to-head with modern muscle cars, bringing us some serious edge-of-the-seat racing.

Drag racing is one of the best forms of motorsport in the world. There is nothing better than seeing two cars go head-to-head down the 1/4-mile, be they perfectly paired for each other or poles apart in terms of performance, and just racing for fun. The CAR HOUSE YouTube channel has uploaded this video entitled “Olds vs New – drag racing” and it shows a wide variety of classic and modern cars drag racing against each other, ranging from the likes of Chevrolet to Dodge.

Kicking The Drag Racing Action Off

The first video shows a modern Chevrolet Corvette taking on a classic muscle car. The two cars warm up their tires before blasting down the drag strip, and it is an exciting race. The muscle classic does lose out to the modern Corvette, but not by much, and both cars go well over 100 mph.

The next race sees an old Mustang go up against a Hemi powered Dodge, both cars looking sensational in their deep green. The Dodge just rockets off the line with an incredible launch, while the Mustang is then left to play catch up. In the end, the classic muscle car wins with a 9.57 second pass time.

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The Modern Vs Classic Continues

We also get to see quite an interesting match up in the form of a Chevrolet Nova SS taking on the challenge of a Dodge Viper. This is an intriguing race, and one you wouldn’t normally expect to see. The cars get ready to launch down the 1/4-mile, and the Chevelle SS gets the perfect launch, but the Viper easily hauls it in. It is a 9.22 second pass time for the Viper, compared to the roughly 10.5 second pass for the Chevelle SS, but the Chevy certainly put up a good fight.

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Plenty Of Drag Racing Highlights

There are plenty more drag racing highlights in this video, and we simply can’t fit them all into this article. Later in the video, we see a Chevrolet Nova SS take on the challenge against a modern Ford Mustang, with the Nova getting a great start and the Mustang is unable to haul it in. The Nova completes its 1/4-mile run with a time of 11.56 seconds and a top speed of 119.03 mph, while the Mustang did its 1/4-mile pass in 12.76 seconds with a top speed of 115.60 mph. Very impressive stuff from some great classic cars.

Source: CAR HOUSE YouTube Channel