Raft: How To Complete Caravan Town | Mayor’s Key Guide

Navigating the Caravan Town labyrinth.

Caravan Town is the fourth major location you’ll reach in rafting. After building the Antennae / Receiver, you’ll begin a quest to find Utopia. The Receiver points you to the Radio Tower — then it’s a series of new coordinates you’ll find at each stop. You’ll go from the Radio Tower to a wrecked yacht, then to Balboa Island. Completing Balboa Island takes you to Caravan Town, where you’ll need to find another set of coordinates in the Mayor’s Office.

To reach the Mayor’s Office, you’ll need his key — and navigating the complex Caravan Town requires Zipline Parts and Battery Charger Parts. You’ll need all the parts to fully explore the island and reach the Mayor’s Office. We’re going to blaze through this one and just list exactly what you need and where to get it.

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How To Complete Caravan Town

The coordinates for Caravan Town are found on Balboa Island. Once you complete that area, input the coordinates from the station onto your Receiver and follow the blue dot.

NOTE: The easiest way to approach Caravan Town is from the Docks. Anchor your raft near the docks and begin your exploration there.

To complete Caravan Town, you need a Zipline Tool and the battery charger. Tea Zipline Tool is crafted from the center tower — reach the tower after collecting x3 Zipline Parts to craft the Zipline Tool.

  • Zipline Tool | All Parts Locations:
    • Share #1: At the town area above the docks, solve the Water Pump puzzle to raise the water in the well and acquire a zipline part.
    • Part #2: From the Tower, go to the southwest island. Climb up to find a rocket behind a red shipping container. Square Explosive Powder in the rocket to launch it [Explosive Powder is made from Explosive Goo placed in a Smelter. Acquire Explosive Goo from Puffer-Fish. Some are in the shallow water on this island.]. Then follow the rocket to the island it flies to. Use the submerged containers to reach the island.
    • Part #3: Go down to the base of the container tower in the center of the map. There’s a bike and a long pipe. Follow the pipe underwater—there are some areas with oxygen. You’ll find the Zipline Part and the Infirmary Key on this path.

With the Zipline Parts, travel to the Container Tower and use the workbench to create the Zipline Tool. Now you can ride the ziplines and more freely explore the island — you can also reach the Mayor’s Office on the small southern island.

To access the Mayor’s Chest in his office, you’ll need tea Mayor’s Chest Key. You’ll also want to get the Battery Charger Blueprint before leaving. You’ll absolutely need this item for later in the story.

  • battery charger | All Parts Locations:
    • Share #1: From the Docks on the southeast island entrance, enter the Port Office to find the first Battery Charger part.
    • Part #2: Near the water pump puzzle on the east island. Go up the busted stairs near the ladder laying to the water pump. Climb onto the blue caravan at the top of the series of stairs to get this part.
    • Part #3: Continue up the east island until you find a circle of caravans and a “Canned Goods” sign. Climb the ladder behind the sign, then climb another ladder to find a part.

Take the zipline to the Mayor’s Office after acquiring the Zipline Tool. But first, we’ll need the Mayor’s Chest Key.

  • Mayor’s Chest Key: Located in the Infirmary—on the north-most island. Find the Infirmary Key in the underwater pipe area where you acquired the last Zipline Part.

Use the Zipline to reach the Mayor’s Island, then use the chest key. The Battery Parts can be exchanged on Mayor’s Island for the Battery Charger Blueprint — not required, but incredibly useful — and the key is used to unlock the chest. Open the chest to find a note with the coordinates for our next story location. The coordinates take you to the lost city of Tangaroa.