School bus driver charged with threatening Greenland boy, family

GREENLAND — An Eliot, Maine, man, who worked as a school bus driver for First Student, is facing federal charges alleging he threatened and stalked an 8-year-old child attending Greenland Central School.

Michael Chick, 39, is facing federal interstate stalking charges, alleging he crossed the state lines to threaten a child and the child’s family, according to Jane Young, US attorney for New Hampshire.

Court documents allege that Chick had given the boy a TracFone with instructions to take inappropriate photographs, placed GPS tracking devices on his parents’ vehicles to track if they went to police, and made multiple visits to the family’s home at night.

A school bus driver charged with stalking a Greenland Central School 8-year-old student was employed by First Student.

The boy told investigators Chick used a story about a group of criminals he called “The Team” who would kill his family, kidnap him and torture him if he did not comply with their demands, which included taking photographs and videos of himself.

Footage and audio taken inside the bus shows conversations between the boy and chick, instructing the boy to hide the phone, lie about where he got it, and take the phone into the bathroom with him at school, according to court documents.

Michael Chick, 39, of Eliot, Maine, is facing federal interstate stalking charges.

Upon searching Chick’s residence, surveillance cameras, TracFones, large plastic bags of children’s underwear, and other evidence was found, authorities say. Notes written on school bus student permission slips that read “$1,000 per week is what is keeping your family alive and together” were also found, corresponding with conversations caught on the bus’ audio and video system. A series of other threatening notes were also found , threatening things like “or the kid disappears” and instructions on how to take inappropriate selfies, according to the US attorney’s office.