Scooter driver has no license or registration: Middleburg Heights Police Blotter


Expired license plates: Mohawk Trail

At 10:55 pm July 18 a police officer saw a scooter in front of his cruiser change lanes from the center to the right without using a turn signal. He entered the scooter’s license plate and found it expired in June 2021. The readout also noted the plate belonged to a stolen motorcycle. The officer approached the scooter and asked the driver for her license. She, however, did not have a motorcycle license. The scooter’s VIN number showed it had not been registered since June 2020. The registration also belonged to the stolen motorcycle. The driver said she did not have any paperwork for the scooter. She said it belonged to her mother who bought it off Facebook Marketplace about a month ago. She then called her mother who was unable to find any paperwork proving ownership or registration. The officer removed the license plate and the scooter was towed. The driver was charged with several offenses.

Attempted burglary: Fowls Road

Police went to a residence at 5 pm July 18 about an attempted burglary. A woman at the home said she went to the residence, which she cared for, at 4 pm that day. The house belonged to a relative who died. She was there to clean it out. While there, she found new damage to the first floor rear patio door. There were pry marks near the lock. However, no entry was made and nothing was missing. Police spoke to neighbors who did not notice anything unusual. There are no suspects.

Disorderly conduct: Smith Road

Police at 3:06 pm July 18 went to a home that had ongoing neighbor problems. An unwanted neighbor was knocking at the residents’ door. The report said the neighbor was knocking in an attempt to apologize after the officer personally spoke to her earlier that day. The couple has had ongoing problems with the neighbor for several months. Video footage has shown the neighbor verbally berating them and, at one time, dancing and laughing at them. Part of the issue was over the neighbor cutting overhanging tree branches. One of the victims called the squad during a panic attack two months ago and went to the hospital. The officer had warned the neighbor she could be face criminal charges due to the continued harassment. The neighbor said she was verbally harassed, too. She admitted to the officer she had difficulty keeping her ‘mouth shut’ and promised her kids she would try not to make further contact with them. The couple was willing to sign criminal charges, but later that day the neighbor left a note apologizing for her actions. The note was copied and sent to the prosecutor. However, the couple contacted the officer July 22 and said they would not like to pursue charges at this time. The harassment has seemed to stop since the officer spoke with the neighbor July 18.

Driving in marked lanes: Bagley Road

An officer was in the Days Inn parking at 3:20 am July 19 to observe traffic. He saw a car exit the Motel 6 lot and head north on Engle Road. The officer knew the driver and passenger from an earlier encounter that morning at the motel. The driver at that time said he was intoxicated on ecstasy and methamphetamine. Police told him not to drive his car and find a ride if he needed to leave the motel. The car went across lanes and into the Perkins parking lot. It parked. The officer activated the cruiser’s lights and parked behind the car. The driver tried to step out of the car. He was told to stay inside. The driver said, “I’m not even high.” The officer said he was stopped for continuous lane violation. The suspect was unable to focus, was erratic and sweated profusely. He said he took ecstasy in the morning and had been up for two days. He was unable to perform field sobriety tests properly. He was arrested for operating a car under the influence of drugs. Suspected marijuana was found in one of his pockets. The passenger told the officer she injected the suspect with methamphetamine about 20 minutes prior the officer initially at the motel, which was at 1:50 am A search of the car found a hypodermic syringe, metal scrubbing pad with suspected narcotic residue and a glass pipe . While in the cruiser, the suspect was emotionally hysterical and crying. He was cited for driving on a suspended license, not wearing a seat belt and traveling across lanes. He was released to a relative who took him home.

Drug paraphernalia: Pearl Road

Police went to Gabe’s at 9:37 pm July 18 due to a caller saying two men just left the store with bags and clothing without paying for them. The employees gave them the men’s descriptions. Police could only find a pair of blue crocks that were wet and a new backpack with nothing inside near an alley. A witness flagged down an officer and told him the man ran into the alley and then to a nearby apartment complex. The manager said the man had stolen from the store several times. Police were unable to find him. Later that night one of the officers was elsewhere helping at a traffic stop and saw a man walking without shoes. The man saw the officers, turned and walked the other way. The officer told dispatch and then drove toward the man’s direction. He spoke to the man, who said he was homeless and waiting for a bus. The man refused to identify himself. He said he did not know his Social Security number. He gave a fictitious name. When the man learned another officer was on his way to get a fingerprint scanner, the suspect said he had a heart issue and began to shake and sweat. He asked for medical attention. A squad was requested. The man then gave his real name and birth date. He said he had several warrants, which is why he did not want to identify himself. He had a plastic vial on him and admitted to a drug problem with heroin. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Parma confirmed his warrant. The suspect admitted while at the hospital he lost his shoes when he got scared in Gabe’s. He said his friend stole the items and he did not. He said the found backpack was his but he did not steal it from the store. He was cited with two charges. The officer went to Gabe’s the next day where security footage showed the suspect entered the store but quickly left after store employees saw who he was and began following him around the store. It was determined he did not steal anything but his friend did with a shopping cart filled with merchandise. The manager did not wish to pursue charges.