Someone in NYC Chopped a Mini Cooper Into a Tiny Pickup Truck, and We’re All About It

So there I was, walking through West Village in New York City the other night, and what caught my eye? The coolest custom car I’ve seen in a while. This “Mini Camino” was a BMW-era Mini Cooper that someone cut down into a tiny pickup truck. Why do they need the world’s tiniest compact truck in Manhattan? Your guess is as good as mine.

The new Mini Cooper

Publicity photo of a new and an old mini cooper parked side-by-side.
Classic and modern Mini Cooper | BMW

By the late 1990s, small, front-wheel-drive cars were quickly becoming the default people-movers. BMW saw the writing on the wall and knew it would need to develop a FWD platform. But at that time, company brass was worried about tarnishing the front engine, RWD sports car reputation of the marque.