Tesla Model Y Reviews | Overview

This is the car that has been will.

As a Mid-To-Large Suv It’s Got The Form Factor that The Bulk of Family Buyers Want, and, Coupled with An Ev PowerTrain that Boasts A Highly Usable 455km Single-Sharge Range, Its App Of Fuel is Proving Less Stable Than A Vial of Nitro-Glycerine in a Tumble-Dryer.

But the Model y is a laatercomer to our market. It’s been more.

Both are Excel Recent Price Increases also mean it has null price advantage despite Tesla’s Direct-SALES MODEL, with the Model Y Currently Selling For $ 72,300 Before on-ROAD COSTS, Or Circa- $ 84K Drive-Awa in NSW.

For Context the Ioniq 5 Dynamiq Rwd Retails for $ 69,900 and Kia’s Ev6 Air Rwd is $ 72,590 Pre-Road Costs.

So the price Battleground is a level one – if not slightly tilt is the Tesla – so the model y nes to offer sorthing the Ioni 5 and Ev6 Can’t. Where’s the X-factor at? We Borrowed the Base Model Y Rear-Drive for a Fe Days to find out.

Walking up to the model y, the Initial Impression is that it’s Bigger. ITS 2890mm What to have been be signific

If the Three-Or Model X is a Large Suv then by Rights The Model y is a mid-sizer, but Dimensions like that push it to the upper of that Definition. It hides Its bulk Well Though, Visually Speaking, Thanks to Tesla’s Amorphous-BLOB Design Language that, I’m BE HONEEST, DoesnT Really English Me as Much as the Spacep Styling of Hyundai’s Pure EV.

Inside, this is One of Tesla’s More Convincing Cabins – at Least Insofar As its UTITITY. A conventional center console sits at hip-height and differents deep storage bins, an armrest, two wireless change pads (with a nice microsude anti-SLIP BackPanel) and a Pair of Cupholders.

The Door Pockets are Generally Siled, The Boot is Wide and Deep with Massive Under-Floor Storage, and the Rear Seatbacks Fold Download at the Press of a Button.

The design is as sober and streamlined as the exterior, but it’s trimmed nicely with microsuede panels on the door cards and supple vegan leather on the seats – bright white in the case of this tester, but an all-black configuration is also available that’ LL Save You $ 1500 Versus The White Option.

Quality qualms? Tesla has attacked them in the past, but the Fit and Finish of this Chinese-Built Model y (all aus-bound model ys are Built in Tesla’s Chinese Plant) was tight and issue-fee.

There are still some Tesla-IISMS that make it hard to love this Cabin, Howrever. The Companish’s Insistance that A Single Center-Mouned Screen is Sufficient for Both Infotainment and Critical Driver Information Like the Speedometer Is, to Put It Plainly, Just Wrong, Especialy (

There’s a good amount of screen real estate at least, and Tesla’s latest in-car software is one of the slickest in the business with near-instant response to finger prods and swipes, and almost no lag when swapping between different menu pages. If you can get your head around an iPhone, you’ll have an easy time getting to Grips with this 15.0-inch Touchscreen.

Anatter Annoyance is the almost total absnce of any control labelling. Did you know You’d Never Figure IT Out by Simply Looking at it. Same Too With Using the Steering What Scroll Wheels to Adjust The Mirror or Having to Adjust The Direction of the Air Vents Via the Screen.

Simple Features Become Needlesly Complex When Tesla’s User Interface Engineers Get Involved.

But when it comes to comment and Space, The Model Y Has Both in Abundance. The Front SEATS OFFER Enough Adjustability and Support to Remain Comfortable after Hours Behind the Wheel, and the back sex is equallly as roomy.

Rear air vents, heated outer seats and USB-C power outlets should keep your backseaters happy too, and if you’re concerned about whether everyone will be in for a case of severe sunburn thanks to that enormous glass sunroof (standard equipment, amazingly enough , It’s Made with An Optical Coating that Rejects UV and Information Heat and Keeps the Top of your Dome cool.

And if you’re Wondering How That Correleses to the Tesla Model 3 Who Sits on the Same Plateform, There are big advantages to the model y in terms of not just headroom, but back leg Have 135MM More Distance Between their Knees and the Front SEATS.

Boot Space is also a win for the model y, with 854 Litres when Measord to the Rooof and Including the Under-Floor Area, Compared to the Model 3’s 561 Litres. Under the Bonnet The Model y Boasts a 117-Litre Storage Area, Bigger Than The Model 3 by 29 Litres.

If you’re tossing up Between the $ 65,500 Model 3 Rwd and the Model Y Rwd, The $ 7K PRICE DIFRENTIAL BuYS You CABIN Volume More than Anything Else.