The country’s highest range electric car

New Delhi, Ankit Dubey.
Even though BMW was delayed in launching electric vehicles in the Indian market, the technology has been with them for almost a decade. BMW i3’s journey has been in the international market for almost 10 years. I can understand how old the family is from here. In the year 2022, this i family has expanded in India. First the BMW iX and then the BMW i4 have been launched in India. In this, we are going to review the BMW i4 for you and according to the company, this vehicle offers a range of up to 590 km on a single charge, due to which it is being called the longest range car in the country.

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What is special in looks and design?Look, talk about the looks and design, before this let us tell you that the new BMW i4 did not get a proper EV platform, but instead, the platform of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has been used in it which comes with the internal combustion engine. Now if we look at the BMW i4 from the front, then it gets a very beautiful grille which is showy. The grille is not as functional as the BMW with the petrol diesel engine. The smaller i4 can be seen on the blue highlight badge and the absence of tail pipes at the rear makes it electric.

The door handles do not seem to be mounted separately, are well integrated into the body panels. Not only this, the lift back design of opening the tail gate is very tremendous. The slim rear spoiler, cooling vents and smart design make you look really cute at first glance.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 18

Boot space of 471 liters is available which is quite spacious and practical. You can also gain more boot space by dropping the seats in the 40/20/40.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 12

Gets Hi-Tech InteriorOne thing that you are going to love when it comes to the interiors is the fit and finish and the use of premium materials everywhere. Many buttons have been used and these are the buttons that you will use every time you drive. The dashboard is very cute and here you get to see a very wide curved dual screen display.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 14

The infotainment system is bigger than the instrument cluster. Yes, a 12.3-inch instrument cluster is available and a 14.9-inch infotainment system is available. In both the screens, you get to see high-resolution graphics, not only this, the touch response is very good. It has BMW’s 8th generation operating system which comes with connected features. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available in it which is standard. However, the head up display is lacking here. Not only this, you also do not get 360 degree parking camera in it, which I think was needed to be given to the company for such a long car.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 12

Synthetic and real leather upholstery has been used. Looks very decent in appearance and at the same time, the comfort is also good here. However, the front seats are not ventilated. There is decent storage space on the cupholders, center console and door pockets.

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BMW i4 ElectricBMW i4 Electric

performance and range

Before checking the performance of the vehicle, let us tell you about one of its shortcomings. As mentioned earlier, the BMW i4 is not built on a dedicated EV platform. The platform given in this is also used in ICE models and due to this there are some drawbacks. That is, there is not much space near the front seat and the rear floor is also not flat.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 4

Now with these shortcomings, do not assume that the BMW i4 is not good at everything else. You get a very appreciable drag coefficient of 0.24CD in this vehicle. It is a low slung vehicle, which is why the vehicle gets excellent aerodynamics and the good news is that it gets a battery pack of 83.9 kWh, due to which you get a range of about 450 kms. I am telling this real world range. The company claims 590 km on a single charge. The battery together with the motor generates 335 bhp power and 430 Nm torque. It takes 5.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 11

BMW cars have always had a specialty. The ride quality may not be great but the handling is excellent. You also get great handling in the BMW i4 eDrive40. Whether you try to fill the speed with this car or try to turn at a sharp turn, both the smile on your face and the confidence in your heart remain. With a weight of 2,050 kg, it seems to be doing a tremendous job. Ground clearance is very less if it is an electric sports sedan. In such a situation, you have to drive the vehicle very carefully with potholes and breakers. Otherwise, the car will be seen coming from below on the big speed breakers.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 13

Now regenerative braking is available in electric vehicles so that you can get better range and in modern electric cars its levels are being given. Even though you will get more range from the Regen mode, but its most important function which you can clearly see is the one pedal driving. Now there are no Regen modes in it but driving modes are available and in every driving mode you also get to see the levels of Regen. Now suppose there are three levels and there are three drive modes. So in Eco Pro, you get to see low level regeneration, on comfort mode you get to see level 2 regeneration and on sport mode you get to see high level regeneration mode. There is rear wheel drive, so as soon as you try to increase the speed, this vehicle gives you a very fast experience.

BMW i4 Electric Sedan Review 5

Talking about the charging time, this vehicle can be fully charged in 8 hours with 11 kW AC wallbox charger and it takes 83 minutes to charge 10-80 percent with 50 KW DC fast charger.

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our decision

With the BMW i4 edrive40, BMW has formulated the formula for a sports sedan in the EV space. With its low-slung silhouette, looks and sporty performance, you will really love this vehicle. The price of this vehicle in the Indian market is Rs.69.90 Lakh (ex-showroom) and with this price tag, the Porsche proves to be economical compared to Taycan, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar electric vehicles.