This Classic 1970 Cadillac DeVille Restomod Is The Modern Day Lowrider We All Need

With the lowrider lifestyle all but wiped away from the fabric of car culture after decades of bannings across the country, the low and slow mantra is now a relic of the past. For years, vibrantly painted classic cars on air suspension or hydraulics would flood the streets of the western United States for the weekly downtown cruise. But once gentrification occurred, we lost an essential piece of lowrider culture forever.

Fortunately, the absence of organized cruises did not deter car builders, as lowriders remained one of the most important forms of car culture for their penchant to lower. Lowering a car is something many subgenres of car culture utilize now.

So when automotive photographer, Larry Chen, came across a 1979 Cadillac DeVille Restomod dubbed the “Carolina Reaper,” he knew he had to share this special car with the world.

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The Low Life Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Completed by CGM Customs in Tucson, Arizona, this particular Caddy is already declared one of the best restomods at the Holley LS Festival for its immense attention to detail. CGM Customs virtually transformed this ’70s icon into a modern-day driver.

After finishing the build a mere hours before Larry’s feature, CGM managed to modify around 98%-99% of the car, with only a handful of original trim pieces remaining. Beginning with the Continental-Esque suicide doors as its first project, the owner admits it snowballed from there after falling in love with the work CGM Customs completed.

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An Engine Bay You Can Eat Off

With 100% of the build completed in-house by the father/son duo at CGM Customs, the pair spent several hundred hours worth of labor helping the customer revive his family Cadillac for generations to come.

Wrapped in a custom paint job dubbed “Carolina Candy,” the builder, Josh, reveals the paint mixture contains 16 different shades of paint to achieve the indescribable color you see. Popping the hood and taking a look in the engine bay shows the exact same shade of paint.

Housing a fourth-generation 6.0-liter LS engine from a truck and sitting on custom 26″ chrome wheels, this lowrider can boogie with around 300 horsepower. While not the fastest car by any means, it is a massive improvement from the meek 190 horsepower Its original V8 engine made in 1979.