This Toyota Hilux AT44 6×6 From Arctic Trucks Is A Monster Pickup That’s Ready For Antarctica

If you live in Antarctica, driving is a tedious task. But thanks to Arctic Trucks, it is not impossible. The only vehicles you’re allowed to drive in Antarctica get sold by Arctic Trucks. Next up from the Icelandic-based company is an extreme off-road version of the Toyota Hilux.

The Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular Toyota vehicles of all time. With a legacy spanning over a few decades, the Hilux has been a constant beacon of reliability. Renowned for their reliability and durability, Hilux models can sustain extreme performance. With such a reliable portfolio, it is hardly surprising that Arctic Trucks have relied on Hilux models since 2010.

These customized Arctic Trucks Hilux models are among the most robust off-roaders in the world. How strong? Strong enough to conquer the snow-laden terrains in Antarctica. What makes this Toyota Hilux AT44 6×6 special? Let’s find out.

Here’s a closer look at the Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux AT44.

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The Toyota Hilux AT44 Is An Efficient Choice For Complicated Tasks

The Toyota Hilux AT44 is a renowned legend in Antarctica. It was first used in Antarctica in 2010 and has been a mainstay ever since. The customized off-roader gets used as a supporting vehicle in large expeditions. It is down to its robust nature. The Toyota Hilux AT44 boasts a massive weight of over 3.5 tons. Its weight makes the Hilux AT44 an apt choice for Crane Solutions. While Crane Solutions might not be a requirement in most parts of the world, it is quite the opposite in Antarctica. In areas where fuel drums are para dropped, the Arctic Hilux AT44 is used as a crane solution to deliver drums from one place to another. The customized Hilux was also famously used in a successful crevasse rescue operation a few years back.

The Arctic Trucks model delivers flawless performance thanks to its 3.0L Diesel Common Rail 171 hp engine, which is compliant with EURO 5 standards. It features a 5-speed automatic transmission and a fuel capacity of 145 gallons. The manufacturers add power outlets as requested.

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This Arctic Trucks Hilux Can Melt Snow

The Toyota Hilux AT44 is more than just a truck. Alongside all its supreme features, the Hilux AT44 is capable of melting snow too. This unique feature makes it, at times, a lifesaver if you are in Antarctica. The dryness in the climate makes it crucial for Antarctica citizens and travelers to stay hydrated. Created by the company’s R&D team to save customers time and money, the snow melter, or water maker, melts snow quickly and efficiently and reduces the use of gas stoves. According to the manufacturers, it works as a standalone unit or can be connected to a truck through a winch cable connection.

In places like Antarctica, space and weight capacity are limited. Arctic Trucks has designed the Hilux AT44 to solve space and weight capacity issues. It is a multipurpose demon. The Toyota Hilux AT44 can also serve as a push pole. Poles used for cranes and fitments can be attached to the towing hook of the AT44. The push pole function helps push the AT44 through extreme snow and aids traction.

If you want more from the Toyota Hilux AT44 in terms of capacity, Arctic Trucks offers something that gives the vehicle that ‘extra bit of capacity for long expeditions. The Iceland-based company designs and builds trailers that complement the Toyota Hilux AT44. The AT trailer is identical to the Toyota Hilux AT44 in many aspects, including bearings, shock absorbers, tires, and wheels. With a loading capacity of well over 1.4 tons, the trailer is robust and designed to survive the harsh conditions of Antarctica, just like the AT44.

Source: Arctic Trucks