TikToker Says Dealership Texted Their Dad to Remove 1-Star Review

When dealing with car mechanics, it’s very easy to be convinced that you need something you really don’t. That’s why those who are unfamiliar with cars often ask for assistance from someone who is, as their knowledge helps the customer not be scammed into unnecessary services or changes.

However, doing this can sometimes lead to unexpected consequences. One such incident recently went viral after it was posted on TikTok by user @mountainpromise.

In their video, the user claims that they were quoted $2000 for an alternator at a dealership.

When they contacted their father about this, their father reached out to the dealership. He was instead quoted $500 for the same alternator.

In response to this incident, @mountainpromise left the dealership a one-star review, citing what happened as a mark against their practices.

From there, things got weird.

“[The] car dealership texted my dad and asked him to make me take down the one-star review I gave them,” @mountainpromise details. “I’m 31 years old, and they talked about me to my father…”

Their video currently has over 164,000 views.

@mountainpromise Replying to @wasabewan ♬ original sound – name TBD

“wOmEn ArE tReAtEd JuSt ThE sAmE aS mEn,” they sarcastically wrote in the caption.

In comments under both this video and a second on the topic, users shared their own, similar experiences.

“The dealership put the car I bought in my husband’s name… even though it was my car,” a user claimed. “I picked it out. I paid for it. I had the job.”

“I ordered a car this yr. They called my dad to ask when he would come accept the car,” another alleged. “I’m 28! MY number was on the paperwork! Idk how they got his.”

“I once had a dealership refuse to negotiate a car purchase unless my husband was there,” a third stated. “We did not buy from them after that.”

“Once a large tire chain tried to make me buy 2 tires for ~ $700 & when my bf took it in to the same place 12 hrs it was a $6 nail pull & plug,” a fourth shared.

“I, an adult woman, had my dad buy a car (with my money) and then transferred the title to me because they gave him a WAY better price than me,” a further user wrote.

Stories like these echo another viral video from earlier this year, in which a woman claimed that her insurance agency refused to speak with her unless they spoke to her first husband—even though she was the primary insured.

Other commenters simply remarked upon the oddness of the dealership’s request, with many offering other ideas of how @mountainpromise can go further with their actions.

“I’d pay to have my one star review published in the local newspaper and I’d even tell the news stations in case they’re having a slow news day,” a TikToker suggested.

“Businesses treat reviews like they’re negotiable,” another noted. “My review is to keep others from the same fate and I’m not changing them for anything!”

We’ve reached out to @mountainpromise via TikTok comment, as other forms of contact were unavailable.

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*First Published: Aug 7, 2022, 9:02 am CDT

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