Toyota Crown Global Lineup Also Includes RWD Sedan, Two SUVs

  • Toyota has revealed an entire lineup of vehicles that wear the Crown nameplate.
  • In addition to the lifted sedan for the US, there’s also a conventional sedan, a compact crossover, and a larger SUV.
  • We don’t know if these versions are coming to the US, but we think they could influence future Lexus vehicles.

    The 2023 Toyota Crown is a segment-bending mix of sedan and SUV styling cues, but the Crown lineup doesn’t stop there. Toyota revealed three other models that will be part of the global Crown family, including a sedan that looks to ride on a rear-wheel-drive platform, a compact crossover, and a larger crossover that Toyota is calling an “Estate,” or station wagon.

    We don’t think that any of these other Crowns will come to the US in exactly this form, but it’s possible they could preview future Lexus models destined for our shores. Toyota hasn’t released details on the powertrains for these Crown variants, but we’d bet that they’ll all offer hybrid setups, as the 2023 Crown will come only with a choice of two gas-electric drivetrains.

    Crown (Sedan type)

    Given the visual similarities between this Crown sedan and the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, we’re pretty sure that this vehicle shares its TNGA-L longitudinal platform with the Mirai and the Lexus LS. Previous versions of the Lexus GS mid-size luxury sedan were related to Crown sedan models sold in Japan, so could this signify a return of the GS to our shores? We doubt it given the slow sales of that model that led to its discontinuation, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    Crown (Estate type)

    Although Toyota is referring to this version of the Crown as wagon, we think it looks more like a mid-size crossover. We’re not sure of the size, or if this model has three rows of seats, but we could see something shaped like this slotting into the Lexus lineup. However, it may not be large enough to be the upcoming Lexus TX three-row SUV, and it would likely overlap with the new 2023 Lexus RX in terms of size.

    Crown (Sport type)

    This red compact crossover is the smallest of the four Crown models, and it has a sloping roofline reminiscent of “coupe-like” SUVs such as the BMW X4. It also strikes us as a potential Lexus SUV, as it could slot in between the UX and NX in the lineup as a sportier crossover offering.

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