Toyota of N Charlotte’s Tips For Checking Auto Body Repair Work Yourself

Does the thought of scheduling auto body repairs for your N Charlotte Toyota make you break out into a cold sweat? You’re not the only one – plenty of people get nervous when it comes time to schedule them. Not only do you want quality repairs on your car, but you also don’t want to get overcharged for them. Check out this quick guide from the experts at Toyota of N Charlotte’s body shop on how to check your own auto body repairs.

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auto repairman worker in automotive industry examining car body painting or repaint at auto repair shop

Four ways to check your own auto body repairs

Tip #1: Wrap your head around the entire process before you start it.

Be sure to get a thorough explanation of what auto body repairs are going to be done to your car and why. You can ask for a printed out explanation, or at the very least take your own notes so you can refer back to them throughout the process. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions or for clarification, and also don’t be scared to get a second opinion if you’re unsure about something.

Tip #2: Ask for a frame spec printout. This is basically an extensive list of all of the auto body repairs done on your vehicle, as well as a list of any adjustments made to your frame. If you have any questions about it, be sure to ask, and don’t be afraid to ask a second opinion on that, too.

Tip #3: Check the paint carefully. Mismatched paint is a bad sign after auto body repairs. A quality auto body repair mechanic will seek out OEM paint so it matches the current shade of your car perfectly. If you see spots where the paint is mismatched, it means your mechanic cut a corner and used a non-OEM paint on your N Charlotte Toyota. If they cut corners there, where else did they cut them? If you see mismatched paint on your car, it’s worth asking about it.

Tip #4: Pay close attention to how your car is handling after auto body repairs. You know how your car smells, sounds, looks, and feels better than anyone else. Be sure to be on the lookout for odd smells, sights, and sounds, and pay attention if it seems like your car is driving differently than it was before. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to bring your car in for a checkup at the auto body repair shop you visited ASAP.

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Auto body repair series : Sanding putty

Schedule auto body repairs today at Toyota of N Charlotte

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