We’ve heard B&W’s sound system for the BMW iX – and it’s stunning!

Testing an in-car sound system is a lot like testing a hi-fi system. It doesn’t take days of listening out on the road (or parked in a McDonald’s car park) for a good set-up to stand out. Sometimes it only takes a couple of tracks for it to get your feet tapping and let you know you’re in the presence of something better-than-average.

Of course, you still need to spend time getting to know exactly what its full capabilities are and to hear if there are any chinks in its armour, but a system that makes this kind of impact tends to be heading in the right direction. And that’s the feeling you get when you fire up the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system for the BMW iX. In fact, as time goes on (and as you’ll find out by the end of this review) this set-up is rather special.