What is the Ford Work Surface?

The Ford-F-150 is more than just a pickup truck. For many contractors and independent business owners, it serves as full-time office space.

Ford F-150 Console Work Surface

But an office can’t be an office without a desk or table, so Ford has designed a smart and innovative feature called the Work Surface.

The Ford Work Surface provides a flat and ergonomic space that allows the driver an open area to complete paperwork, set up their laptop, or even have lunch (or any meal). There are 11 lockable positions in 5-degree increments to create a customizable and comfortable workstation setup. As such, the driver can choose to adjust the rotational angle of the tabletop surface or leave it in the home position. The work surface feature is available with both bench and bucket seating configurations.

Before using the work surface, the vehicle’s center console requires conversion. Depending on the truck’s seating arrangement, there are specific steps to opening and stowing the workspace.

For bench seat configurations:

  • Push the lever on the side of the seat and fold the seat down
  • Push the latch down on the top of the work surface to move it to the forward position
  • Push the latch on the side of the work surface to rotate it toward the driver
  • Follow these steps in reverse to stow the work surface

For bucket seat configurations:

  • Stow the gear shifter with the touch of a button located just above the PRNDL shift markers
  • Press the console button to release the folding surface and open
  • Fold the work surface to close when finished
  • Raise the gear shifter to drive the vehicle

There are several things all owners should be aware of when utilizing the console work surface:

  • The vehicle is immobilized while the work surface is open. This functionality is to prevent work-related distractions while driving.
  • Do not adjust the steering column when the work surface is rotated.
  • Do not raise the seat when the work surface is in the forward or rotated positions.
  • Do not use the work surface as a handle when entering or exiting the vehicle. The surface can handle lightweight items such as small laptops but cannot support heavier objects like humans.

All F-150 trim levels XL and above offer the console work surface. This lineup includes the F-150 XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum. The console work surface is a standard or optional feature depending on the trim.

In the past, truck owners who need space to work on a computer or do paperwork have installed accessory tables and laptop cradles that live on clunky swing-arm mounts. Ford offers its customers a factory solution to a problem that the aftermarket has inadequately addressed. Now, with the push of a button, truck owners are granted a completely flat work surface large enough to accommodate virtually any office-type task from the worksite or any remote location.

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