Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Say The Plath Kids Should Play Sports

Many Welcome to Plathville cast members are athletic. They got used to being active while growing up at the farm. Fans want to see them play sports.

Fans see how athletic the Welcome to Plathville cast is, and want to watch them put their skills to the test by participating in sports. The nine Plath kids grew up on a large and isolated farm in rural Georgia, and they spent most of their days outside, running around and working on the property. Each Plath child has their own interests, such as Ethan Plath’s passion for vintage cars, Moriah Plath’s love of music, and Isaac Plath’s dream of being a pilot. The common denominator is that they all have athletic genes.

Since Kim and Barry Plath raised their kids without technology, they spent their childhoods outdoors. Instead of getting cell phones or watching TV when they were done their homework, the Plath kids enjoyed their favorite hobbies on the farm, like climbing trees and gardening. The Welcome to Plathville stars were all homeschooled, and many of the family’s kids have said that they wished they could have had more conventional childhoods. They never got the chance to interact with other kids of their own age.


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One of the most memorable scenes from Welcome to Plathville season 1 was when the Plath kids were tested on their knowledge of pop culture. They said they knew what basketball was, and had played with a hoop in their driveway. However, they were not allowed to watch TV, so they didn’t know even one famous basketball player. Fans have seen all of the hard work the Plath kids had to do on the farm, even building their own forts and treehouses, so it’s no surprise that they excel at physical challenges.

In Los Angeles, Micah Plath has put his muscles to work as a model. He’s also been trying new things all season long, and fans would love to see him play a sport. The Plath kids have certainly not had ultra-modern childhoods, as their parents did not want them interacting with other children their own age, who might have different religious beliefs. While they were busy performing in the Plath Family Band, they missed out on playing sports for teams or leagues. After watching Micah and Ethan work out, fans saw how fast they could run, and how easily they could climb trees. They want them to show off more of their athleticism.

Reddit users were sounding off about the Welcome to Plathville kids, and r/Sea_Ball6960 said, “I think Micah would have really excelled on a high school sports team” and “They should really enroll Isaac in school/community sports.” Other fans pointed out that the reason they are all sporty is the fact that they were pushed to explore the outdoors, with r/NoFundieBusiness calling it “a hidden positive of being raised the way they were.“Although several Plath kids are out of school and on their own, it would be interesting to see any of them try to pick up a sport, and play against people of their own age.

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